40X-2000X Microscope for Adults Kids Beginners, Compound White Microscope with Slides Kit

40X-2000X Microscope for Adults Kids Beginners, Compound White Microscope with Slides Kit

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   Microscope is professional for adults kids beginners to observe the plants, insects and animals. With the large magnification between 40X to 2000X, our microscope is going to meet different needs of users. microscope equipped with prepared slides would help you observe and know about cells nicely. With smart phone adapter of microscopes, you can install a mobile phone on the microscope to observe, take photos and videos. The design of Dual LED system can provide convenience for your observing. Profiting from its metal-made body, our microscope becomes very durable and able to use in most situation. It is a perfect gift for beginners, school students and even scientific researchers.


· ?High Magnification?   microscope provides wide magnification from 40X to 2000X. And with the 2x monocular objective and the WF25x, WF10x eyepiece with optical lens, you can see your target clearly and sharply under the microscope.

· ?Dual LED system?Microscope for kids and beginners is equipped with incident and transmitted LED,and you can adjust light source brightness by turning the knob according to the object you observe. Our microscope is very easy and convenient to use.

· ?Stable and durable?The microscope is mainly built with metal which makes it more stable and durable than many other microscopes, it is able to use in the most situation.

· ?Multiple Accessories?The microscope kit contains slides, phone adapters, petri dishes, blotting paper, stickers, tweezers, mirror paper, straws, gauze and boxes. The equipped microscope slides includes 10pcs prepared sliders and 5 pcs blank slides, Which lets you not only observe the cells but also make unique specimens on your own. With the phone adapter,You can take photos or videos of your discovery to share with your family and friends.

· ?Useful Educational Tool?This 40X-2000X biological microscope is designed to help students, kids, adults, beginner exploring the fantastic world of the life sciences. It is ideal for a gift for them to explore the micro world.